Coming Soon …

“The Velveteen Goblin” — Gamut Magazine

“The Three Deaths of the Blue Moon Ripper” — Ghoulish Tales

“Medusa with the Heads of Men” — Medusa, Flame Tree Publishing

“The Casket in the Sky” — Moon Falling, Flame Tree Publishing

“On Their Hands” — Soul, Graveside Press

“Someday Driver” — Sans. PRESS, The Archive

“Rocket Pop” — It Was All A Dream, Volume 2

“The Witching Hour Letters” with co-author Brittany NoelleFeisty Felines and Other Fantastical Familiars

“On the Muddy Shores Where the Oracle Writhes” — Thirteen Podcast

“Clear, Still Waters” — Tales to Terrify



Coming October 2024

Saturday Fright at the Movies — a short story collection — Dark Matter INK

Thirteen horror stories straight from your favorite B-movie cineplex!


Coming February 2025

The Library of Broken Girls — a short story collection — Gateway Literary

Eleven girls, eleven nightmares.

Eleven survivors.