Coming Soon …

“Station 99” — Dark Matter Magazine

“Choose Your Own Destruction” — Dark Matter Magazine

“Heebie Jeebies” — Darkness Beckons, Flame Tree Press

“Shrieking Willow” — Spirits & Ghouls, Flame Tree Press

“On the Muddy Shores Where the Oracle Writhes” — Shadows on the Water, Flame Tree Press

“The Clover CafĂ©” — Open All Night, Atomic Carnival Books

“Rosebud” — Uncanny & Unearthly Tales, Grendel Press

“Hatching Season” — The Dread Machine

“Rocket Pop” — It Was All A Dream, Volume 2

“The Movie-Geek’s Guide to Outfoxing an Alien Invasion” — Night Frights

“Snake and Sinew, Flame and Bone” — Tales to Terrify

“The Woods in the House” — Cast of Wonders

Coming Spring of 2025

The Library of Broken Girls — a short story collection — Gateway Literary

Eleven girls, eleven nightmares.

Eleven survivors.